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Pupils of the Month and Rights Respecting Pupils of the month

We are so proud of the accomplishments of our pupils. You will by now be aware of our Rights Respecting School Award where we look at the 42 articles highlighted by UNICEF on the rights of the child. Everything we do in school is measured against the 42 articles written by UNICEF to support the Rights of the Child and this is celebrated each month. Alongside this comes the Teachers Award for Pupils of the Month. The winners for October are as follows:

P1A Cara (RRSA), Cohen P1B Amira (RRSA), Cara P2A Cara (RRSA), Emma

P2B Maisie (RRSA), Rossa P2C Hayley (RRSA), Mary Rose

P3A Riley (RRSA), Faiz

P3B Mairtin (RRSA), Aoife P3C Olivia (RRSA), Jacob

P4A Kyle (RRSA), Bethany P4B Fabio (RRSA), Jaidon

P5A Jake (RRSA), Macie P5B Bene (RRSA), Zara

P6A Peyvin (RRSA), Jude P6B Casey(RRSA), Ryan

P7A Lewis (RRSA), Jude

P7B Liam (RRSA), Winnie P7C Ahmed (RRSA), Caoimhin


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