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Open Day 2020

In the absence of an open day this year at St Clare’s because of the Covid Pandemic, we are delighted to offer you our online virtual tour of the school. Watch our Welcome video below:

Let our pupils welcome you to our school. We hope you enjoy your online experience with us at St Clare’s.

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, we are thrilled to bring you through the nursery as well as the P1 area and downstairs of the school. Visit the classrooms, the sensory room and the hall and canteen. Also see the magnificent play areas which your child can enjoy. Just press the screen and it will move you forward. Slide from side to side to get a 360-degree view of the classrooms and sensory room and play ground. It’s almost like being there for real.

Thanks to the wonderful photography skills of Mrs Campbell, have a look at the true ethos of the school through the faces of our wonderful pupils.

Thanks to Miss Havern, have a look at our online prospectus and brochure which gives even greater insight to the many opportunities available to our pupils thanks to our amazing resources.

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